Thank you for your assistance, i'll have to dig quite some bit before i get to the other side. =)
Chih-Wei Yu

2010/1/28 Claes Wikström <>
Chih-Wei Yu wrote:

 Processing the ssl proto inside erlang does sound like a better option and would make debugging easier as well. Problem currently is that its hogging file descriptors and there's no way to clean it up unless restarting the whole runtime.

Indeed - It'll require you to go to the latest OTP ssl code though.
However, I couldn't get it to work with yaws when I tried it today.
I'm not sure what went wrong - I just reapplied the patch I posted
and tried. Maybe there is some other ssl trickery that needs to be applied
in order to use the new ssl impl.

I can't look at this exactly right now, so if you want immediate progress
here you'll have to do some digging yourself.