This is my own personal view of erlang. 

Erlang is going to be left far behind because it is liking only one feature, true String support.  All modern languages have an abstraction layer over strings except for erlang.  If you want to have a popular language you need it.  I love every feature of erlang and its coding style but I hate the fact that I cannot handle strings very easly and that strings take up huge amounts of memory.  In fact I was attempting to user erlang for my project but found that handling strings was so much work that it was easier to use other languages like python with stackless then create my own rcp interface.  Which is now pretty similar to erlang without all the nice coding styles of erlang.

Is there any movement to create a better string interface?  Cause I would love to come back to erlang and use it and get the name out there more than it is currently but untill there is such a thing I just can't find myself using it.

Thank you