yes, i thought about second solution.
it seems to me that global appmod for '/' and {redirect_local, ...} is the same as arg_rewrite_mod. need to investigate all cons & pros.
nevertheless thanks for help.


On 24/05/2013 08:35, systemio systemio wrote:
> sorry if my question is incorrect.
> i would like to reach something like MVC routing.
> f.e. if i get www.site.com/list/all i will redirect to
> www.site.com/list.yaws?id=all
> f.e. if i get www.site.com/list/45689654 i will redirect to
> www.site.com/list.yaws?id=45689654
> probably it is made by appmods, if it is i will dig dipper thru this way.


I see 2 solutions to do what you want.

First, you can use an appmod bound on '/list' path, and do a "reentrant
call" (like an internal redirect in yaws) by returning {page,
"/list.yaws?id=..."}. But, with this solution, you need one appmod for
each rewritable path, or a global appmod on '/' to handle all requests.

Or, you can use a rewrite module (see arg_rewrite_mod parameter in
yaws.conf). This solution is probably the best.


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