hi everybody,

i didn't get how to install yaws-mail. i downloaded gnu make-3.81.exe, cd to "...\Yaws-1.95\applications\mail" and ran "make" cmd, but got error :

Environment variable -e ;   for d in src ; do     if [ -f $d/Makefile ]; then (
cd $d  not defined

the questions:
 1. what make tool should i use (why don't use native erlang make)?
 2. what is the difference between maildomain in the yaws-webmail.conf file and the server name in the yaws.conf file?

## maildomin must be set,
maildomain = mydomain.org


 <server flinta>
port = 80
appmods = attachment
listen =
docroot = /var/yaws/mail

 3. What is the server name in the smtp:send(Server,...) according to the second question - is it maildomain or server name?