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Erlide 0.3.32

An Eclipse plugin providing IDE support for Erlang (, a concurrency-oriented language developed by Ericsson.

This release includes the reworked RPC mechanism. It may still have some rough edges. There are no direct user-visible changes, but I would be glad to know if there are any crashes/bugs/errors.


Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2007-08-28

Erlide 0.3.31

Same as 0.3.30, but compiled with Java 5 (instead of 6). In case you experience problems with that one, try this one.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2007-08-03

Erlide 0.3.30

Available on the update site. Solves some small issues, like being able to choose where the project's ebin directory will be placed in code:path and bug 1732318.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2007-08-02


Hi all! I see that there are new bug reports, and I plan to attend to them as soon as I get back from my summer vacation. Sorry about any inconvenience this may cause (especially for the new users that can't even start Erlide).

best regards,

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2007-06-22

Erlide 0.3.29

  • improved scanning performance for large files
  • added automatic stop of erlang node if java side dies abruptly
  • Fixed [1569738] Quick Outline
  • Fixed [1665146] Typo in application template
Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2007-02-27

Shiny new feature

I forgot to mention that there actually is something new in 0.3.28!

There is a new console view, accessible by either Window->Show view->Other->Erlang->Erlang console or Window->Reset perspective (the latter will affect all views).

It has a separate field for input, allowing better editing of previous commands. Commands are sent with Ctrl-Enter. History is accessed by pressing Ctrl-Up and choosing from the list.... read more

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-12-07

Erlide 0.3.28

This new version doesn't add many fixes, but is the first one to come from the SVN repository.

IMPORTANT The update site has changed back to
(i.e. not update32)

- Fixed bug 1579458: Error in compilation of function arguments
- nicer formatted parse errors (in outline)
- Fixed [ 1609226 ] stdio_handler:is_traceable breaks remote shell

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-12-06

Subversion repository is online

The move to SVN is completed. Hopefully there isn't anything missing, except for the history - which is available from the CVS repository.
best regards,

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-12-04

Moving to Subversion

I am moving the repository to Subversion. Developer CVS is now disabled.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-11-24

Erlide 0.3.25

A new version with some small fixes. Get it from

update: from now on, only Java 1.5 is supported!

Enjoy! Regards,

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-09-04

Breakthrough? :-)

Erlide has been included in the Yoxos distribution of Eclipse! Cool!
We're also listed on the Eclipse Plugin Central, so that might attract some attention.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-07-03

Erlide 0.3.23

Summary: Eclipse 3.2 only. The full 3.2 Eclipse release will be released probably within hours from now.

The new version from the merged code base is now available. I'm starting to reenable some functionality that was disabled because of instability and also to put together documentation and tutorials.

There are downoloadable archives too (the sources and the update site).

The release has been rebuilt - first time there was a packaging error.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-06-30

Erlide 0.3.21 for Eclipse 3.2

I think I solved the startup issue discussed here earlier (at least for one of the victims) and I would like to know if the new release solves it for the others.

The plan is to move the 3.2 branch to the head of cvs, and move the 3.1 one into a separate branch this weekend. This means that 3.2 will contain all the new features (even if some of them may still be disabled if I can't manage to test them).... read more

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-06-30

Erlide 0.3.17

A new release, featuring a rewritten parser that can handle erroneous or incomplete code. Check the outline while writing!
(yes, 0.3.15 and 0.3.16 had some bugs :--)

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-06-20

Erlide 0.3.12 for 3.2

updated to use R10 beam files

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-06-14

Erlide 0.3.11 targeting Eclipse 3.2

At you can find the current version, targeting Eclipse 3.2. I didn't test thoroughly, but most things seem to be working.

If you do test, please let me know about the results.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-06-11

Erlide 0.3.10

Several bugs have been corrected.

I promise that Real Soon (tm) I'll get around to writing a proper Changelog. If anyone knows of a nice free tool to make it easy, please let me know.

Enjoy! /Vlad

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-05-28


Recompiled with R10, because I had switched to R11 but the beamcodes aren't compatible.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-05-22

Erlide 0.3.9

We have now new releases very often, not all announced.
The main reason for this one is that we got reports about problems when starting up Eclipse - the Erlang node doesn't start in time. One simple thing to do is to increase the time to wait for it. 25 seconds should be plenty now, but there's also a configuration parameter -Derlide.backend.retries=N (one retry every half second)


Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-05-18


Several improvements are present. We're starting to build the user documentation and some tutorials.

Possible incompatibility with old projects: if you use different names for the source and include directories, please open project properties and enter the correct values.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-05-15


Yes, it isn't 0.4, because some things are missing. Main issue: it's slow with large files, but it is fixed (the problem is with merging the changes back to head...)
From the news:
- syntax highlighting for records and macros;
- go to included file;
- goto definition of remote and local functions;
- increased stability

If you use it and want to give feedback, the easiest is probably to go to Window->Preferences->Erlang and there are links to SF's issue trackers. ... read more

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-05-02

Not long now until Erlide 0.4

Because there was a long quiet period, I thought I'd just let you know we're working hard and we hope we'll have a nice 0.4 version by May 1st.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-04-25


  • fixed long delays in editor & debug printouts
  • fixed "ugly" preferences page
  • Ctrl+. and Ctrl+, navigate between problem markers

Update site:
Archives (only x.x.x versions):

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-03-02

Erlide 0.3.7

This release doesn't really deserve a big 'uptick', but got one for technical reasons.

  • The documentation popup covers more of the OTP libraries;
  • the auto-indentation is also improving (but as yet is a little unstable).
  • The Erlang preferences page has now links to the Sourceforge bug trackers, so you can report problems more easily.

Update site:
Archives (not all versions): read more

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-02-27


New features:
code folding in the editor
OTP documentation is shown when hovering the mouse over a 'module:function' call. Only the satndard libraries are supported yet, and they should be installed in the "standard" place.

  • several developer news, most important that there is a new plugin, erlide-launching


Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-02-18