erlide 0.7.3

A new release of erlide is available, with following (user visible) changes from 0.7.0:

  • 468-split-erlang-code-so-that-compiler-backend-can-use-R11
  • 487-configure-report-directory'
  • fix #480: import wizard doesn't descend in subdirectories
  • 490-External-Files-project-closed'
  • 257--type---navigate-from-spec-to-declared-type'
  • 476-open-module-dialog--allow-inexact-matches'
  • 444 - text selected randomly in editor
  • 472-launch--extra-arguments-to-runtime-don-t-get-used
  • 469-editor---erlang-reconciler-still-broken'

  • ignore errors when deleting beam files

  • erlang templates, with syntax highlighted preview, indentation
  • use binary for noparse:initial_text parameter
  • Fix timeout in light_scan_string, send bin instead of string
  • send to console action, useful when debugging and testing
  • fixed -opaque and external type refs
  • add option to monitor ide backend
  • improve backend launching: send environment; make node status local


Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2012-09-14

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