Shiny new feature

I forgot to mention that there actually is something new in 0.3.28!

There is a new console view, accessible by either Window->Show view->Other->Erlang->Erlang console or Window->Reset perspective (the latter will affect all views).

It has a separate field for input, allowing better editing of previous commands. Commands are sent with Ctrl-Enter. History is accessed by pressing Ctrl-Up and choosing from the list.

The extended functionality described below is experimental and/or a proof of concept.

"Coloured" button will add colour highlighting of the console output based on either the sending process or the group leader (selected by the button nearby).

There is also a table view with a column for each sending process (or group leader). The idea is that it should help visualizing how the processes interact if one uses io:format as a trace tool. It works with dbg:trace when using the default tracer, but this will be handled better by adding a custom tracer process.

One next step is to add filtering, so that only selected processes and time intervals can be shown.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2006-12-07

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