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[ad5a3b] (defaulttip) by Xingdong Bian Xingdong Bian

merged branches

2009-04-27 16:25:01 Tree
[063aaa] (eptic-1.3) by michal.ptaszek

last changes before 1.3rc1

2009-04-27 13:33:09 Tree
[1643b4] by michal.ptaszek

Erlang Web 1.3RC1

2009-04-27 10:54:59 Tree
[d93c72] (1.3rc1) by michal.ptaszek

merged changes

2009-04-27 10:54:58 Tree
[c039b0] by michal.zajda

wpart_valid with back compatibility exported functions

2009-04-27 11:49:55 Tree
[e9240f] by michal.ptaszek

merged changes, primary keys other than integers are now accepted in error validate_tool branch

2009-04-27 09:11:07 Tree
[e37b82] by michal.ptaszek

merged changes

2009-04-27 08:53:35 Tree
[441d63] by michal.zajda

wpart_valid corrected

2009-04-27 09:52:13 Tree
[194fc2] by michal.ptaszek

updated configuration and app files

2009-04-27 07:49:25 Tree
[428b07] by michal.zajda

new wpart_valid and missing clause in wtype_string

2009-04-27 08:43:07 Tree
[bc64bb] by michal.ptaszek

fixed bug with nested names naming convention, e_logger process does not start when logging is disabled

2009-04-27 06:28:31 Tree
[41288f] by michal.ptaszek

It is now possible to not export neither validate nor dataflow function; the form builder now skips the unnecessery fields

2009-04-24 12:02:29 Tree
[3d6c20] by michal.ptaszek

small bug fixes

2009-04-24 09:01:15 Tree
[dddbd7] by Xingdong Bian Xingdong Bian

use the active repo

2009-04-22 14:55:32 Tree
[2ac208] by michal.ptaszek

generic annotation engine completed, small fixes for cache and interactive mode

2009-04-22 12:49:02 Tree
[6e017b] by michal.ptaszek

annotations updated

2009-04-22 08:33:55 Tree
[e1f801] by michal.ptaszek

eptic started in embedded mode is started by default in single_node mode. Generic 'after' annotations completed

2009-04-22 07:09:05 Tree
[9a3da1] by michal.ptaszek

before annotation works

2009-04-21 09:59:53 Tree
[6057b9] by michal.ptaszek

added first sketch of generic annotations

2009-04-20 12:20:00 Tree
[a61d2f] by michal.ptaszek

wpart_derived primary_key printing corrected, wpart_paginate numbered_links accepts now the trim attribute

2009-04-20 08:16:10 Tree
[c25918] by michal.ptaszek

wtype_time corrected. framework supports now the primary keys of the different types (not only integers) and situated not only at the second position inside the tuple (first record field). e_db_mnesia does not support non-default key positions

2009-04-17 11:41:41 Tree
[056cb2] by michal.ptaszek

e_logger prints out the events as it should

2009-04-16 13:37:52 Tree
[464fa2] by michal.ptaszek

fixed wtype_upload to handle the multipart yaws request. couchdb read/1 is now filtered on the server side (using prepared map function)

2009-04-16 13:11:25 Tree
[a76b8d] by michal.ptaszek

wtype_float formatter accepts the precision

2009-04-16 06:47:59 Tree
[896429] by michal.ptaszek

e_db_couchdb corrected - the data is now kept in the flat namespace. corrected e_json encoder

2009-04-15 13:55:59 Tree
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