New featureful 'rendering kernel'

The first complete rewrite of our wiki page formating kernel strikes
to add new powerful plugin hooks, while the page markup keeps nearly
unchanged and compatible to previous versions. It is still experimental,
but its advantages will probably yield another bunch of emulation plugins
for foreign Wikis markup - because custom markup can be added much easier

Some everlasting bugs have been fixed (invalid html for nested lists),
and new built-in markup plugins finally provide stable <pre>formatted
text paragraphs, and far better inline-<html> area support. It is easy
to write new 'block' plugins, because documentation for the new plugin
interfaces is already available.

Some plugins still need rework, but test results look promising for a
final release within this month. The CVS tarball and a recent snapshot
provide already a good impression of the new features.

Posted by Mario Salzer 2004-01-03

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