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ewiki+ R1.02b finished

After a longer development cycle, the incremental ewiki update release R1.02b was completed. ErfurtWiki/ewiki+ provides a user-friendly and non-intrusive Wiki hypertext management system with hundreds of plugable extension modules in PHP. It can be integrated into existing layouts and comes with extensive documentation.

The newly introduced *.meta data files and a unique console configuration tool (X/dialog based) allow far easier plugin (200+) management and configuration. The core script and the plugins can still be merged into an easy to handle "MonsterWiki" include file.... read more

Posted by Mario Salzer 2005-06-17

R1.01e3 out, unstable development cycle

Because the database interface and all backends are going to get overhauled, an intermediate release has been put on the project web server and into the sourceforge FRS:

The CVS releases will be instable for the next few weeks. After the initial transition happened an backwards compatiblity layer will be deployed, so that older (home written) plugins won't break with the new, more object oriented, more featureful and more consistent API.... read more

Posted by Mario Salzer 2004-07-25

ewiki R1.01e released, easy WikiWikiWebInstaller

After several months of development, the ewiki project finished the major release R1.01e of its "ErfurtWiki" hypertext management system.
This release consolidates the recently introduced more powerful formatting kernel and (as usual) adds a whole bunch of new plugins and extensions.

A new development direction is to be taken with the introduction of the new easily installable click-and-run .xpi plugin variant. Future development will focus on this rather unique approach to run-time functionality extension.... read more

Posted by Mario Salzer 2004-05-21

New featureful 'rendering kernel'

The first complete rewrite of our wiki page formating kernel strikes
to add new powerful plugin hooks, while the page markup keeps nearly
unchanged and compatible to previous versions. It is still experimental,
but its advantages will probably yield another bunch of emulation plugins
for foreign Wikis markup - because custom markup can be added much easier

Some everlasting bugs have been fixed (invalid html for nested lists),
and new built-in markup plugins finally provide stable <pre>formatted
text paragraphs, and far better inline-<html> area support. It is easy
to write new 'block' plugins, because documentation for the new plugin
interfaces is already available.... read more

Posted by Mario Salzer 2004-01-03