Russian localization

  • Sergei O. Udalov

    Have anybody do this localization?
    I've found a error with title printing when using win-1251 coding. It's looks like "bla-bla-trala-la".

    It's so because of this (ewiki.php:line 789):

    $title = htmlentities($title);


    So, maybe it's not a bug, but my mistake? i du no :)

    • Sergei O. Udalov

      hehe.. ))
      problem was in htmlentities() params.
      This struct we have in manual:

      string htmlentities ( string string [, int quote_style [, string charset]] )

      So, the third param should be 'cp1251'.

      So, i created new funct, named htmlentities_1251($txt), and replaced it in whole program by mass replace.

      P.S. problem was not only with titles, but with whole source code of pages (as i noticed later) :)

    • Bryan Watters

      Bryan Watters - 2006-08-01

      Well,   in general things are moving to utf-8 for the defaults.  Maybe you can use that instead of cp1251?  Also the fix is not a good one for general use.   Perhaps you can add at the start of your php and before you call ewiki sometthing like.

      ini_set('default_charset', 'cp1251');

      or better yet do/use 'utf-8'

      If that works you don't have go keep doing the find and replace when you do updates.


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