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  • Henk Boerboom

    Henk Boerboom - 2006-03-30

    The entry for ewiki was not correct, There were maybe 5-10 things I didn't agree with !
    Mario, did you make the entry ?

    • Mario Salzer

      Mario Salzer - 2006-03-30

      hey Henk,

      no I didn't enter anything with it. To be exact I just stumbled across it this week. From looking through I didn't notice all too many discrepancies or errors. Maybe they missed a few things, but after all I think it is a fair and founded examination (- and I'm very proud of all the plugin signs, I admit ;-).

      The submitter over at WM was called "joker" IIRC, though I have no idea who that is ;-)

      Do you remember what points should be changed in their table?
      (I'll look over it myself, but maybe we can create a list, if we want some things to be added or changed...)


    • Henk Boerboom

      Henk Boerboom - 2006-03-31

      *** ewiki at ***

      *Text Files
      - should be YES
      - should be YES
      - all w/ plugin ???

      *Authentication Backends
      - Also MySQL ?
      *Delayed Indexing
      - PlugIn

      **Common Features
      *Change Summary
      - should be YES
      *Page History
      - should be YES

      **Special Features
      *Interface Languages
      - add: NL
      - should be YES (although it is not working properly, which saddens me)
      - should be yes ? (Categories are easy in every wiki, like category DeleteMe)
      {btw, we should discuss a category standard for ewiki, or somethiing from CS ?}

      - should be YES
      *Image Links
      - which patch is this ?

      **Syntax Features
      *FAQ Tags
      - Optional ? (Do we have this ?)

      *Double-Click Edit
      - Optional ? (Do we have this ?)
      *Auto Signature
      - Optional ? (Do we have this ?)

      - some of these are specialPages, I would not call them PlugIns ! Just YES
      *Recent Visitors
      - Optional ? (Do we have this ?)

      *Printer Friendly
      - Print CSS ? (Do we have a plugin for a Print Button ?)

      **Media and Files
      *Image Editing
      - Optional ? (Do we have this ?)
      *SVG Editing
      - Optional ? (Do we have this ?)
      *MindMap Editing
      - Optional ? (Do we have this ?)

      **Syntax Examples
      *External Link
      - (OK?)
      *Aligning Text
      - optional or via css ? (should be --)

      • Mario Salzer

        Mario Salzer - 2006-03-31

        Ok, there indeed some things not 100% exact, but for the database storage desriptions for example, I'd like to keep everything set to "Plugin". Our (three) plain_files backend for example are plugins, and while the MySQL plugin is built-in, I'd also like to keep it listed that way, because we eventually later plug out this plug in... *lol*

        The Authentication Plugins section on WM is for sure constraint by a few buzzwords they allow, so we won't be able to add notes about all five auth backends here.

        delayed indexing: PATCH, I'd say

        Other changes to Henks list, I'd like to add:

        Change Summary: PLUGIN

        Page History: YES - not a plugin, unlikely to become

        Image Links: fragments/patches/clickableimages

        FAQ Tags: I can't exactly remember a plugin, but the functionality was in somewhen

        Double-Click Edit: a simple JavaScript oneliner, though we don't have that distributed yet -

        Auto Signature: NO

        - some of these are specialPages, I would not call them PlugIns ! Just YES

        I'd keep plugin status here, because you can still plug out the spages plugin.

        Print CSS: NO, that's a wrapper/html/css function, no patch, fragment or plugin here

        Image Editing: NO - there's a java plugin in the extra tarball, but not working correctly

        SVG Editing: clear NO

        MindMap Editing: NO

        External Link: - OK.

        Aligning Text: "- optional"

        • Roland

          Roland - 2006-03-31

          OK, I'll try to merge this during the weekend.

          • Roland

            Roland - 2006-04-02

            Please have a look @ the updated list.
            BTW - is Oracle supported?


            • Mario Salzer

              Mario Salzer - 2006-04-02

              At a first look I think it's all fine now. And more surprising: the choice wizard on WM now also recommends ewiki. Last week it recommended me only PmWiki, PhpWiki and DokuWiki, but no ewiki, what was a little strange *grin*

    • Roland

      Roland - 2006-03-31

      It was me.
      I stumbled across this, too, and didn't find an entry for my favourite wiki, so I added one to the best of my knowledge. Did this in Janary, and am quite impressed how often the ewiki was compared to already. (123926 times :-)
      Sure, we should correct the errors.


      • Mario Salzer

        Mario Salzer - 2006-03-31

        Well, Roland, thanks for the effort then!
        I think there are only minor things to tweak in the WikiMatrix table, and some entries are constraints from their comparism scheme.

        I actually started the list at a while back, which contains partially more in-deep descriptions of bonus features. It's however probably difficult for the WikiMatrix providers to add endless additional options. But I'll probably bug them about it anyhow... ;)

        • Roland

          Roland - 2006-03-31

          You are most welcome!

          Yes, there are quite big contraints on fitting the wiki, particularly ewiki into the scheme. I tried to describe it as practical as possible.
          'Optional' means you can optionally implement this w/o big efforts, as the API is there and prepared for it. ;)

    • Henk Boerboom

      Henk Boerboom - 2006-03-31

      r0land, shall we call you joker from now on ?-)

    • Henk Boerboom

      Henk Boerboom - 2006-04-04

      I think that the choice wizard is crucial !

      In step 4, if you choose Database or Files, you don't get eWiki !!

      Maybe there's a bug in the choice wizard (CW)?
      I think Plugin should render a YES.

      But for now I think that we should change the enries so that the CW shows eWiki for both.

    • Henk Boerboom

      Henk Boerboom - 2006-04-04
      • Mario Salzer

        Mario Salzer - 2006-04-04

        That plugins aren't always counted as yes was also my first impression. But I don't think we should bend over and adjust the functionality list just to please the ChoiceWizard - regardless of how useful or cute it is.

        In the case of the database question, I guess it didn't effectively select ewiki, because we currently have "other" in the database field to signalize multiple backends. And the reply to your WMK forum question from one of the admins also seems to suggest that.

        So, roland, would you please go into it once more ;-) and try to change the first "database whatever" setting? PhpWiki appears to have "Files, DB" in there, so it's probably possible to set it.



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