Q: What is the best way to report typo's ..

  • Henk Boerboom

    Henk Boerboom - 2005-07-20

    .. and documentation errors ?

    • Henk Boerboom

      Henk Boerboom - 2005-07-20

      I think [url]erfurtwiki.sourceforge.net/BugReports[/url]

    • Henk Boerboom

      Henk Boerboom - 2005-07-24

      Now I think it's best to edit the original page that goes in the distribution. Thougt I found it at berlios.de, but it wasn't there !?!

      v2: When I added ?id= then it was !
      I will try and edit AfbeeldingUploaden

      • Mario Salzer

        Mario Salzer - 2005-07-25

        This page doesn't go into our distribution then. It is a hidden page over at our BerliOS InitPages: wiki.

        It was generously contributed by the Moddle project, but since none of the other non-English pages were translated (into German or Spanish) I think it's not a good idea to add too much translated pages of other languages either.

        A couple of the core pages are important for users, but a lot others probably aren't. That includes general project info pages (ErfurtWiki, ...) and things that could be ripped out even entirely as well (FeatureList doesn't belong there, really).

        Apart from that, it is of course a good idea to fix typos over there. We just should try to negotiate and clear beforehand which pages should make it into the distribution (only occasionally copy them over to there).


    • Henk Boerboom

      Henk Boerboom - 2005-07-24

      Berlios seems not to be the way ? with the ?id= trick I can edit but not save !


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