Jan Niggemann - 2006-05-12

Hi everybody,

perhaps somebody can help me:
I run ewiki 1.02B on PHP 4.4.1 without a database (ie flat files). eWiki works fine, but the tools don't.

I set up a user and a password in fragments/funcs/auth.php, and did it this way (lines 11 thru 15 shown):

#-- (pw array - I have such one in an external config file)
  $passwords = (array)$passwords + array(
  "mike" => "test",
  //   "u2" => "password",

Now, when I try to access a tool, say tools/t_backup.php - the authentication pops up and asks for user and password.

I enter the exact data from auth.php (ie mike and test) and press <ENTER>. Immediately, the very same authentication window pops up and this goes on ad infinitum.

I also tried to set EWIKI_ADMIN_PW in config.php, but this did not do anything, as the authentication window keeps popping up even after entering "admin" and the password I defined in EWIKI_ADMIN_PW.

What am I missing?

Thanks everybody in advance!