Blank page and MYSQL connection

Magnus L
  • Magnus L

    Magnus L - 2005-08-20


    I tried the source tarball rather than the debian package, and got the following (a debian testing machine):
    trying the setup script (rather than t_setupwiz.php) in terminal window get me:
    vista4:/usr/share/ewiki/tools# ./setup
    -su: ./setup: /usr/local/bin/php: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

    So I do it through the t_setupwiz instead. It gets me a config.php, that I edit to get the MySQL details right, adding the lines:

    if (function_exists("mysql_connect")) {
    $ok = @mysql_connect("localhost", "root", $password="")
    && mysql_query("USE test");
    if (!$ok) {
    // define("EWIKI_DBFILES_DIRECTORY", "/tmp");

    I put it in /usr/share/ewiki where I unpacked the tarball, and try to point my browser to ewiki.php. This gives me a blank page.

    Upon closer look at the config.php i find this:

    //plugin not found: mysql

    I have created the database ewiki_db, but there are no tables in it (ewiki creates them, right?).

    What can I do to make it work?


    Magnus Larsson

    • Mario Salzer

      Mario Salzer - 2005-08-22

      The "Bad interpreter" is easily fixed by rewriting the first line to the right path ("/usr/bin/" then just instead) or invoking the script with the interpreters base name:

      $   php tools/setup

      The "// plugin not found: mysql" message therein is informational and has no impact on that version of ewiki. Mysql support is still built-in (prepared for a future update).

      If you however get a blank page only, then there is something broken (fatal error). Try to find the "error_reporting(" lines everywhere and change/add them to emit E_ALL messages.  you can then track down where the script aborted, or if it didn't found a specific include script/plugin.

      Ewiki creates the table upon first succesful innovocation, right. As soon as you see the front page, it's already done :)


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