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Development resumed

The development on the project has been resumed. After having taken an OSR seminar on driver development, reading and lots of reverse engineering I feel fit to continue. Actually I have already written a perl script to extract the files in a generic way from the Windows CD (W2K and WXP tested, W2K3 will follow ...).

The first step will be to get something like a message loop implemented with keyboard input and so on. Next step is the choice of textmode. After that the actual functionality (first of all password reset) is going to be implemented!... read more

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2006-06-21

After a technical break ;) ...

I am going to resume work on this project. One year after registration we have to get something up online to enforce progress :)

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2004-05-02

Silence of the lambs ;)

Well now great news. I still expect the first release at around X-mas 2003.

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2003-10-09

Two new team members

Asa (from Florida?) and Juergen (from Germany just as the first three).

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2003-09-29

Wrote a small driver ;)

My first kernel mode NT driver. It allows our smss.exe to perform port I/O through a IOCTL "gate". I am not yet sure wether the textmode should be handled by a driver or from usermode (using the standard video driver as an interface) through the mapped screen buffer.

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2003-09-27

Wow wow wow ... got it

I now figured out to write a native DLL, to call it and so on. So now I already moved a bunch of functions into a DLL called smss_dll.dll

Still have problems with keyboard input and page breaks (i.e. when the content exceeds the size of a screen).


Posted by Oliver Schneider 2003-09-24

First steps ...

Wow... got it. First steps and first output in VGA text mode (still 80x25). Dynamic loading of drivers ... special plans for the future. Screenshots will be up soon.

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2003-09-09