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Sync with Compiere 2.6.0a complete

In a major effort to keep in sync with the releases of its parent project ER/Box switches to the Compiere 2.6.0a codebase. As a consequence the code is now released under the GPL (including the GPLed JPedal PDF viewer).

Posted by Matthias 2007-01-26

Database Upgrade: ER/Box Switches to Latest Derby Release

In an effort to increase performance and reliability, the ER/Box project has directed its focus in release R2.5.3b-4-alpha to an upgrade of the integrated Apache Derby database.

While being stuck with the first official Derby release for a long time because of a still outstanding improvement (see DERBY-338, ) we now chose to patch the latest Derby release ( manually. On the one hand we benefit from the bug fixes and improvements since release, while on the other hand this puts us in a much better position to communicate with the Derby community to address database issues with ER/Box.

Posted by Matthias 2006-11-07

ER/Box Delivers First All-Java, All-Opensource ERP System

With the third release of ER/Box the project reaches another important milestone: "PDF library independence" in addition to the already provided "database independence". ER/Box is now the first and currently only all-Java, all-opensource ERP System, that can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

The database service is provided by the proven and tightly integrated Apache Derby database; in addition a PostgreSQL port is available for more demanding performance and scalability needs.... read more

Posted by Matthias 2006-10-18

2nd Release of ER/Box: Major Fixes

With the second release of ER/Box (still very much alpha!) the problems with white spaces on the installation paths to ER/Box and the JDK should now be fixed.

Additionally a database deadlock in the accounting processor could be removed. The deadlock involved a central table (sequence), making it impossible to log in to the system with accounts 'GardenAdmin' or 'GardenUser'. If you were bitten by this bug you might want to give ER/Box another chance.... read more

Posted by Matthias 2006-09-25

Problems with Spaces in Paths on Windows (R2.5.3b-1)

This note apllies to ER/Box Release R2.5.3b-1 for Windows.

There are problems installing and running ER/Box, Release R2.5.3b-1, on Windws when there are spaces on the installation paths to ER/Box or the Java JDK.

For now, please make sure that both, ER/Box and the JDK are installed in locations without spaces on the path. I'll be working on new batch files to solve the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.... read more

Posted by Matthias 2006-09-21

First Alpha Release of ER/Box

Find the first ER/Box alpha release (R2.5.3b-1) in the Files section.

Status: Most of the screens should work and initial client setup is possible. I'm less optimistic for processes and reports.

Give it a spin and report back if you like!


Posted by Matthias 2006-09-17

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