#204 3.0beta1: config file not setting some arguments


I setup a config file using the example in the online documentation, but some of the settings aren't being used.

In particular, the imports/show-imports setting. I tried setting the "imports" to yes as shown in the example config file. The generated epydoc-log shows that though imports is set to yes, the show_imports is still no, and no imports appear. Adding --show-imports to the command-line then makes the imports appear. (I tried setting show-imports to yes in the config file, but then it complained about an unknown config.)

Also, the inheritance setting doesn't seem to have any effect. I set it to "grouped", but it still comes out in a format that looks like listed. It also may not be being read from the config file, though I'm less sure since I can't tell the difference between the different settings.

Great beta though, I love the new features!


  • Edward Loper

    Edward Loper - 2007-09-23

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    Thanks for pointing this out. Fixed in svn revision 1610. (the affected options that I found were 'private', 'imports', and 'inheritance'.)

  • Edward Loper

    Edward Loper - 2007-09-23
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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