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EpsilonOS / Blog: Recent posts

New repository

Take a look at our new Git repository! It has many more features than the old SVN one. If you are a developer, here is how to use it:
1. Download Git and set up a folder to contain Epsilon's code.
2. Type this into a terminal: git clone ssh://username@git.code.sf.net/p/epsilon-os/code epsilon-os-code
Note that you need to replace username with your SourceForge username.
3. Edit things.
4. When you are happy with your code, test it, then use the command git commit -am "Your message". This will make your changes permenant.
5. When you are ready to send your work to the repository, use the command git push -u origin master. If this is your first time using Epsilon OS's source code, use the command git remote add origin ssh://username@git.code.sf.net/p/epsilon-os/code epsilon-os-code. Again, replace username with your username.
Then, you have commited your code!

Posted by Anonymous 2012-03-12

Release Schedule

We plan to release approximately bi-monthly, but after a certain period of time (usually 3 releases), a feature milestone will be released.Pre alpha 1 will be released on 1st April. Pre alpha 2 will be released on the 15th April. At the end of the month we will release a feature milestone.Always remember that the latest code is in the repository, and we'd love it if you helped!

Posted by Anonymous 2012-03-07

Console classes work!

Title says it all :)

Posted by Anonymous 2012-03-04 Labels: progress code dev devupdate

The first task

So, now development has commenced, I'll keep you up to date. Now, we are making a scancode(a code sent from the keyboard to represent the letter) reader! It's more a matter of trial and code, and it should be finished by 6:30PM tonight...

Posted by Anonymous 2012-02-28 Labels: devupdate

Introducing myself

Hello! I'm Aurora, and I am one of the co-ordinators of Epsilon OS. We hope to make Epsilon the best operating system ever :), and we hope you want to help us get there! These posts will be mostly development diaries etc, to keep YOU informed about Epsilon's development

Thank you for your support,

Posted by Anonymous 2012-02-27