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Eps2pgf 0.7.0 released

v0.7.0 (2008-08-24)

- Added: feature #1856797 Bitmap images

- Added: feature #1952604 Improve compilation speed

- Added: support for CIEBasedA and CIEBasedABC color spaces

- Fixed: feature #1917088 add a percent character at the each of each line

in the LOLDevice output.

- Fixed: bug #1886475 Undefined operator in Quartz EPS

Posted by Paul Wagenaars 2008-08-24

Eps2pgf 0.6.0 released

v0.6.0 (2008-02-04)
- Added: feature #1856800 PSfrag emulation
- Added: feature #1856798 Interpret text labels
directly as TeX
- Added: feature #1856794 Indexed color spaces
- Added: support for embedded (non-bitmapped)
type 3 fonts
- Added: output device (LOLDevice) that writes
only the text labels
- Added: user manual
- Fixed: bug #1809102 (partially) Problems with
Inkscape figure with text.
- Fixed: bug #1807713 In some situations Eps2pgf
produced lines that are too long.
- Fixed: bug #1874016 divison by zero in
multiplication operator
- Fixed: bug #1859820 Improve error and info
messages presented to the user
- Fixed: bug #1858099 assertValidFont is run
multiple times on the same font
- Fixed: bug #1859810 Example figure from
MathPSfrag package
- Changed: Lots of internal changes, making the
design clearer, fixing style issues,

Posted by Paul Wagenaars 2008-02-04

Eps2pgf 0.5.0 released

- Added: handling of binary headers found in some eps files
- Added: support for embedded fonts
- Added: special support for embedded Mathematica fonts (not yet complete)

Posted by Paul Wagenaars 2007-11-02

Eps2pgf 0.4.0 released

- Changed: Eps2pgf is now distributed under the Apache license
- Added: lots of PostScript commands
- Added: Font substitution list

Posted by Paul Wagenaars 2007-08-03

Eps2pgf 0.3.0 released

New release.

v0.3.0 (2007-05-28)
- Added: tons of PostScript commands
- Added: automated test scripts

Posted by Paul Wagenaars 2007-05-28

Eps2pgf 0.2.0 released

Version 0.2.0 of Eps2pgf is released. Several more PostScript operator have been implemented.

Posted by Paul Wagenaars 2007-04-07

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