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Hello again,

v13.01 is largely an update to make things bigger and better. Also, the toolbox hits 600 downloads - so thanks to you guys, I never thought that there would be so much interest!

cwViewer has a rework of the way windows works, so that Windows users should always have things on screen (a quirk of Matlab window management - which their documentation says is one way but is actually the exact opposite).... read more

Posted by Morgan Bye 2013-01-14


Today sees the release of v12.12 (no v12.11 sorry). It brings a couple of new features, but mostly bug fixes to existing features (especially PowerSat) as well as a few pieces of increased functionality (see cwnorm).

This release also sees the first scripts being made publicly available for use with HADDOCK. The bulk of which will be made available when they make sense as a collection.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Morgan Bye 2012-12-07


Hello again,

There's been a slight drop in activity in recent months on the release front. The reason for this is 2 fold. I'm getting to the stage where I really need to writing my PhD thesis and secondly I've putting a lot of development in behind the scenes and working with MMM. This work at the moment, whilst promising, is not ready to be released.

So whilst a lot of bugs have been ironed out in this release, there is not much in the way of new features.... read more

Posted by Morgan Bye 2012-10-25


Hello all,

Today (the day of my birth) I release v12.8 of the toolbox into the world. For most users you wont see much of a difference here. There was been a file moved to avoid a conflict with EasySpin and there has been a big reworking to PowerSat.

Most scripts havent been touched or at least have had only minor edits for better error handling or to run more reliably.

The biggest news here is that 2 days ago the toolbox celebrated 2 big milestones. The toolbox has now been online for 18 months, and has passed 500 unique downloads.... read more

Posted by Morgan Bye 2012-08-15


Hello once again, within the last few minutes the latest edition to the EPR toolbox has been released.

This I'm pleased to say is once again a massive improvement to previous versions, and possibly the largest update to date with complete rewrites to PowerSat and cwViewer as well as significant updates to BrukerRead amongst others.

Enjoy! And dont be a stranger, I always enjoy your emails.

Posted by Morgan Bye 2012-07-09


Hello again,

Today v12.5 of the EPR toolbox has been released. A lot of minor edits have gone into this release and a lot of the scripts still function in the same way they just use less computational power or are less error prone and hopefully with some better error feedback if they do fall over.

More importantly this release contains the first release of cwViewer a new visualisation program for EPR spectra, a much improved version of the previously released cwPlotter. So you'll be able to smooth your data, average, zero, normalize, amongst other things, then export your data into spreadsheet friendly .csv files or as a nice picture file.... read more

Posted by Morgan Bye 2012-05-10


This month the Toolbox turns one year old, and with that this month we'll also see our 350th download.

The new version of the toolbox includes new versions of pdbimport and pdbexport for the easy opening, manipulation and saving of PDB files without the £700 Bioinformatics toolbox provided by Mathworks.

I've also been working a lot with DeerAnalysis and as a result there is now DEERextract script for the extraction of data from DeerAnalysis into something both usable and graphically presentable.... read more

Posted by Morgan Bye 2012-03-02


Over the Christmas period more than a few hours went into some new scripts for the toolbox and hopefully you'll all find them useful.

The toolbox now has support for Bruker, Jeol and Fsc2 file formats as well as the new feature "addnoise".

Posted by Morgan Bye 2012-01-25


Version 11.11 of the toolbox has just gone live.

This version, shows a complete reworking of the PowerSat function. It should now run up to 80% quicker and with far fewer bugs. It also now can calculate the accessibility factor "Pi" from your experiments.

Otherwise the toolbox stays much the same. BrukerRead has been updated to be more stable, and I've started playing with a JeolRead but as yet havent actually been able to get hold of any Jeol files so it's a bit of guess work on my part.... read more

Posted by Morgan Bye 2011-10-19


The new version of the EPRtoolbox has arrived.

It's been a long time in the making and been a bit frustrating at times but it's here now.

This new version has made the switch to a complete graphical user interface. Gone is the command line, replaced with a simple point and click interface.

This version also includes the new feature cwPlotter, a simple tool for the easy manipulation and presentation of cw spectra. More details available at http://morganbye.net/cwPlotter

Posted by Morgan Bye 2011-07-22


EPR toolbox version 11.6 is now available for download.

This update represents the biggest update to the toolbox that I've ever made. PowerSat now works under an amazing GUI. cw data can be plotted in various forms, even staggered with arrows to show the z-axis.

A lot of work has gone into this, I hope you enjoy.

More details at:

Posted by Morgan Bye 2011-05-27


The PowerSat function has had another drastic going over and is now better than ever.

PowerSat now boosts a graphic user interface that allows for the real time data manipulation and presentation of results.

Hope you enjoy!

Posted by Morgan Bye 2011-05-26

eprload freedom

After some amount of time programming the EPRtoolbox is now free from the need for eprload from EasySpin.

The toolbox now uses it's own BrukerRead script.

If however, you were using the toolbox with non-Bruker files then you'll have to stick with v11.5 for the time being. Other formats will be added with time.

Posted by Morgan Bye 2011-05-19

EPR Load

I'm currently working upon removing the crutch that is "eprload" from the toolbox.

Having recently got back from York, seemingly everyone uses either Bruker or very rarely Jeol spectrometers. From what I took away from this is that so long as Bruker BE3ST and ASCII file formats are supported that should suffice for most of the field.

So, where possible I'd like to remove the reliance on EasySpin, which has a reputation for changing certain features overnight and not telling anyone. And replace this with a simple loading script.

Posted by Morgan Bye 2011-04-26

And we're live!

The EPR toolbox is now available online. Please bear in mind that this is still very much an alpha release. And will be updated as quickly as is possible.

Posted by Morgan Bye 2011-03-18