#1 Pre-release of RTK 0.3.8 jar file

Jar file (2)

Hi everyone,

This is a pre-release of the 0.3.8 RTK jar file. This
jar file contains changes to the contact fax and voice
data members. Previously the fax data member has been
a simple String. An RTK user (J-U Gaspar) has reported
that the fax must allow an extension value. This bug
has been in the RTK since day one. The IDLs have been
updated to introduce the epp_ContactPhone struct. This
struct is now being used by both the m_fax and m_voice
data members.

Included below is my message to RTK users in the
epp-rtk-devel mailing list.


To RTK Users:
I've committed to CVS release 0.3.8 of the RTK and will
be releasing a preview of the jar file soon to SF. If
reception of this jar file is good, then full 0.3.8
will be released next week.

Release 0.3.8 is the first release (I think) that might
break your code. If you are accessing the m_fax data
member directly, then your code will not compile. The
m_fax data member, in all classes it appears, is now an
intance of epp_ContactPhone. If you are setting the
fax with the setFax() method, then your code will still
work but you will not be using the fax extension.
There is an overloaded setFax() method with an
epp_ContactPhone parameter to allow you to set the
extension. epp_ContactPhone has all the same members
as epp_ContactVoice. Now, because of the changes to
the IDLs, epp_ContactVoice is being deprecated. As of
this release it is a subclass of epp_ContactPhone, but
since m_voice is now an epp_ContactPhone, you can start
switching immediately. epp_ContactVoice will be
officially removed in release 0.4.0 of the Java RTK.

If there are any question comments or concerns, please
share them.

The Java RTK team


  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2001-07-27

    0.3.8 jar file pre-release

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    Daniel Manley - 2001-07-27

    0.3.8 release notes

  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2001-08-13
    • status: open --> closed

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