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liberty-rtk-addon 0.4.2 (.info/.org) RFC + DNSSEC

Added support for Domain Name System (DNS) Security Extensions Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) found in IETF ID draft-hollenbeck-epp-secdns-08.txt Both Java and C++ support have been added as well as example classes to demonstrate usage of the new extension.

Posted by Frank Thompson 2005-09-29

comnet-rtk-addon 1.0.0 released

The first release of comnet-rtk-addon was made which can be used to interface with the COM/NET Registry and the CTLD products (BZ, CC, TV, and JOBS) on NameStore. Currently, only the C++ implementation is included.

Posted by James F. Gould 2005-09-28

epp-rtk-cpp 0.9.2 released

epp-rtk-cpp 0.9.2 includes bug fixes to 0.9.1 which was discovered while building the comnet-rtk-addon.

Posted by James F. Gould 2005-09-28

C++ and dotName updates

Several new versions of the C++ toolkit was released, along with a new version of domtools that fixes several memory leaks. In addition a new version of the name-rtk-addon package was released with various bug fixes and additional examples of how to interact with the dotName registry.

Posted by Vidar Hokstad 2002-03-28

Release of 05/03 Compliant RTKs and the IETF

Today, we've released Java RTK 0.5.0. The C++ release will follow shortly. These RTKs are compliant with EPP 05/03, which is the version that has been implemented by Global Name Registry (GNR), which operates the .name domain registry. Also to come shortly are the extensions for the .name registry: Name Watch, Email Forwarding and Defensive Registrations. Keep watching this project for the release and more information. If there are bugs in the new RTK, please submit reports to this project's bug tracker.... read more

Posted by Daniel Manley 2002-03-21

IDL and Java RTK for EPP 04/02

Just a short little bulletin to annouce that we've completed the updates to the IDLs for EPP 04 and Contact/Domain/Host 02. These updates match the version of EPP being used by the .biz registry from Neulevel.

We've also released version 0.4.0 of the Java RTK which contains the updates for EPP 04/02. Please see the release notes and the user guide for information regarding the changes involved.

The EPP RTK Team

Posted by Daniel Manley 2001-10-14

.info Domain Registry Live

Today at noon eastern time, the second gTLD registry opened to the public. It is also the first registry to go live using the Extensible Provisioning Protocol which is still in internet draft form at the IETF. For more information, please see http://www.afilias.net

The EPP RTK Team

Posted by Daniel Manley 2001-07-25

C++ EPP RTK Available

Hi everyone,

Today marks the first release of the C++ RTK from Global Name Registry, the operators for the .name domain registry. They have also developed a utility package called Domtools which is a wrapper to Xerces for parsing XML. If you run into any problems using these packages, please send a note to the devel mailing list.

With this release, we've changed the packaging slightly. Previously, a single package was released with all languages to be included. We discovered that this was impractical. So the packages will be "epp-rtk-java-" and "epp-rtk-cpp-", etc...... read more

Posted by Daniel Manley 2001-06-28

New Release of RTK and First Add-on

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Today version 0.3.1 of the EPP RTK has been released. See the Release Notes to see what has changed. Also release today is the first RTK Add-on. This one is from Liberty, the registry for .info. The add-on provides the facility send and receive domain trademark information for their "Sunrise" registration period.

If you have any questions regarding the new release of the RTK or the Liberty Add-on, you can send us email. Or better yet, share your question with others in the mailing lists.... read more

Posted by Daniel Manley 2001-05-13

New features added to the EPP RTK Project

Hi everyone,

This past week we've created two mailing lists for discussions regarding the EPP RTK. The general mailing list is just for that: general discussion of the RTK. The devel list is mostly for developers who are either using the RTK in their registrar code or who are developing ports or add-ons to the RTK.

We've also created a survey for the RTK. Its results will give us a better understanding of the user base of the RTK. If you could take a few moments to fill it in, that would be greatly appreciated.... read more

Posted by Daniel Manley 2001-05-13

First Public Release

Hello domain registrars and registries,

On Sunday May 6th, 2001, the first public open source version of the EPP RTK was released. Note that as the EPP specifications are still in "internet draft" form, this release is considered a beta.

This release is also considered the Java reference implementation. Using the provided IDLs, registrar and registry developers are welcome to contribute implementations in other languages. Extensions, add-ons, bug reports and bug fixes are also welcome.... read more

Posted by Daniel Manley 2001-05-07