New features added to the EPP RTK Project

Hi everyone,

This past week we've created two mailing lists for discussions regarding the EPP RTK. The general mailing list is just for that: general discussion of the RTK. The devel list is mostly for developers who are either using the RTK in their registrar code or who are developing ports or add-ons to the RTK.

We've also created a survey for the RTK. Its results will give us a better understanding of the user base of the RTK. If you could take a few moments to fill it in, that would be greatly appreciated.

And last but not least, we've created tasks for the ports of the RTK to other languages. We're suggesting C++, Perl and PHP. If you would like to take on the challenge of porting the RTK to other languages let us know.

The EPP RTK team

Posted by Daniel Manley 2001-05-13

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