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    Get customizable eDistriFusion, gain control of your distribution software.
        eDistriFusion is design to be:
»   customizable to suit the ever changing business environment,
»   build on a 3-tier software architecture for easy maintenance,
»   and web based to support 24x7 and internationalization operation.
    Customizable: eDistriFusion is developed in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio as the development platform, allows source files to be open and customized to suit your business needs. Besides the customizable distribution software, the package also comes with an integrated code generator to generate source code from database design, for more efficient and consistent software customization.
    3-Tier: eDistriFusion has a 3-Tier architecture, and software modifications are by tier, resulting in a modular and organized software, with no worry about messy and hard to maintain codes. The software is also object oriented by design.
    Web Based: eDistriFusion is a web based solution, whereby its hosted onto a web server and allows access within or outside office. It is on the Microsoft .net framework and support xml web services for interface with other systems.
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