Thank you, I'm going to do what you suggested.

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D.O.M. wrote:

> Do you think there's a way to install sun's jdk without
>  causing any problem to GNU/jdk?

You can always just install in another directory, as has already been
suggested.  Or you can use packages from (although you
still have to build and RPM for the jdk from their .nosrc.rpm due to
Sun's licensing).  But once you do that, install java-1.5.0-sun and
java-1.5.0-sun-devel, then use "/usr/sbin/alternatives --config java" to
select which JDK you wish to be used by default.  You can always switch
back to GNU java using "alternatives --config java" again later if you
want. I'm not directly familiar with  Fedora Core, but this is how it
works on RHEL.  I assume Fedora is the same since it is basically the
testing ground for RHEL.

Michael Schout