#1 Type to String conversions

Minor Enhancement

There are a number of types that it would be nice to be able to convert to a String.

For example, one can convert use EPPXMLBase.transferStatusToString() to convert a status type
to the String equivalent.

Unfortunately not all types can be converted this way.

For example the transfer op type cannot. There is a transfer_op_to_string_array_ String array,
but it is protected, and there is no public static method we can call.

Additionally I wonder if EPPDomainBase's period_unit_to_string_array_ String array might not be
modified to use "m" and "yr", or something better than "y" for year. Note: this array is public,
which is good since their is not yet a public static coverter method for it.

In general, it would seem the API should provide a means to convert every type through these
array mechanisms for type to String conversion.


Dan Kirkdorffer


  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2001-10-23

    Logged In: YES

    These methods are slowly being added to both branches. So
    far, I think that the statuses for contact, domain and host
    are all convertable to and from strings and types.

  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2001-10-23
    • labels: 330113 --> Java RTK - Core
    • assigned_to: nobody --> tubadanm
  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2003-03-17

    Logged In: YES

    This should be mostly complete now (it's been long enough).
    Please reopen if you think type-to-string conversions
    should be added.

  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2003-03-17
    • status: open --> closed

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