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EURid domains different namespaces

  • gpwolf

    gpwolf - 2006-07-17

    I'm implementing an interface for EURid based on epp-rtk. The basic problem is that EURid changed the namespaces of all epp calls. So even the standard calls, even the ones without any extensions, need to be changed in order to complete successfully. Does anyone have an idea how to change namespaces in EPPXMLBase without changing the core epp-rtk implemenation? I cannot create a copy of this class, cause then i will have to create copies of all classes the extend from EPPXMLBase.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    • mortierm

      mortierm - 2006-08-07

      you must change the string URL base in the EPPXMLBase.

      • lesrcuser

        lesrcuser - 2007-11-14

        But than you could not easily change the epp version if you want to update.
        His main goal was to change the Namespace without change the core files.

        Are there other possibilities to do that?



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