Running more than one RTK Version

  • Christian Schulte


    I have a liddle problem with running different versions of the rtk in the same application server. For Afilias I use 0.3.10 and for biz or org I will have to use a version greater than the one supported by Afilias! Because all classes and packages in the RTK nearly have the same names in the different rtk versions I do not quite know how to handle it.
    If I put epp-rtk-java-0.3.10.jar and epp-rtk-0.4.1.jar into my classpath the classloader will load the class found first in classpath and I cannot select from where to load the classes exactly. This will end up being unable to connect to Afilias anymore.

    How do I have to handle this ? How can I put two (or three) different versions of the RTK into my classpath without having to refactor the package structur ?

    • Daniel Manley

      Daniel Manley - 2002-11-25

      Hi Christian,

      this is an on-going concern with the RTK developers and users.  The way we solved it at Tucows was to use make in the java source directories and separate the code for each epp version in different directories (like com.tucows...EPP.EPP02.RegistryAgent).  The over-all make process has a classpath which includes common jars we need.  Where we need a specific version of the EPP RTK, we add it to the classpath for that directory only (in the Makefile).  With everything compiled, we run the registry agents with different start up scripts to again include the specific RTK version jar file needed.

      There's been some discussion on the epp-rtk-devel list about enhancing the current RTK to allow multiple draft versions to exist at the same time.  I've personally been too busy at my work to spend some time on this and I've put a call out for volunteers.  No response so far.  If you'd like to contribute, let me know.


    • Christian Schulte

      Thanks for your answer! My Afilias EPP-client currently runs as a MBean service in a jboss applicationserver. I did not find a good solution right now but I will post again if I got a solution! Maybe I will have to override the classloader in the new MBean or something like that. Still working on it....



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