how to create KeyStore File

  • GaneshAxiom

    GaneshAxiom - 2005-11-22

    i got this files eurid_ca_cert.pem, eurid_eppserver_tryout_cert.pem from .eurid web sites how to create epp-eurid-tryout.ks key store file i will try our epp-rtk kit method like below key.pem cert.pem eurid_ca_cert.pem eurid_eppserver_tryout_cert.pem

    But not work.

    how to create correct key store.

    with Regards


    • mortierm

      mortierm - 2005-11-22

      you can use the keytool given by Java (java version above 1.5.0 the certificate key is too big for the java 1.4.2)

      using this command (for example):
      %JAVA_HOME%\bin\keytool -import -v -trustcacerts -alias yourserveralias -file yourfile.cer -keystore yourkeystorefile.keystore -keypass yourkeypass -storepass yourstorepass

      rem :
      the yourfile.cer is the certificate file from eurid
      the yourkeystorefile.keystore is the generated keystore

    • GaneshAxiom

      GaneshAxiom - 2005-11-23

      Thank you mortierm


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