Should a logout disconnect a connection?

  • Daniel Kirkdorffer

    It would appear that a logout also closes the connection at the server.

    I can find nowhere in the Hollenbeck EPP document that indicates that a logout should do anything more than terminate a session - not a connection as well.

    After all, the supplied examples do do a disconnect command after a logout command.

    The reason this came up is that I was following the certification steps and wanted to do an authentication, then logout, then do a change password login, all in the same connection.  The second login throws the following exception:

            code: [2601] lang: [null] msg: [Unexpected server disconnect]

    Note, BTW that this code 2601 is not documented in the Protocol.


    • Daniel Manley

      Daniel Manley - 2001-06-14

      I have posted a bug with the .info EPP Server developers.  I'll keep you posted.

    • Daniel Manley

      Daniel Manley - 2001-06-14

      There are two RTK level error code created for times when the EPP can't be reached.  The codes were created because an epp_Exception is thrown and a code and message is required in the exception.  Take a look the class org.openrtk.idl.epp.epp_Session and the two static members that start with RTK_


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