Deep - 2008-09-29


I’m Deep from SoftSolvers Malaysia and we are working on a project for our Malaysian Domain Registry [], whereby MYNIC wants to open its registry to its resellers through web APIS for normal operations [check, add, etc].  While doing the research we found out about EPP and are quite interested to see if this is what we should implement.

Need your views on following:

1. Application or Suitability for country specific domain [, .my, etc]

2. What is the current status of the EPP as accepted standard [I saw it’s Draft Standard since May 2007, what si the expected date it can be a full standard? Will there be any major changes from the current version?]

3. What can we do with Universal Registry/Registrar Toolkit or is it sth that we also need to develop for our project or we can use this somehow??

Any other consideration that we should know while implementing.

Thanx in advance for all your time and support.

Best Regards,