dot eu EPP Question ?

  • mortierm

    mortierm - 2005-10-20

    hello, is there any planification of the implementation of the eurid (dot eu registry) extension,
    and the nsGroup add-on to the epp-rtk or not ?

    thanks for your answers.

    • eric wang

      eric wang - 2005-10-20

      So far I don't know there is a such add-on but did you ever contact with dot eu registry? probably they can shed light on this issue.

    • mortierm

      mortierm - 2005-10-20

      the nsGroup add-on, was used by and eurid to manage the dns as a group.

      so how many domain are attached to a nsGroup, if you add a DNS to the nsGroup, all attached domaine, will be link to the new DNS.

      eurid dont make a tools for this.

      as some extension and add-on were recently add to this project, I wondered whether the nsGroup would be developed.

      • Daniel Manley

        Daniel Manley - 2005-10-20

        hi Mortiem,

        I looking to see if the registry or a group of registrars are willing to sponsor me to work on the extensions.  I don't work in the domain name business full time anymore, but I'm willing to help out.



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