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Software for working with XML and EpiDoc

Help with XML Editing Software

EpiDoc files can be created and edited using any available XML editing software (several of which are listed at the TEI wiki or Wikipedia); basic training in the use of such tools is usually included in both EpiDoc and TEI training events, or any XML tutorial.

The Oxygen XML Editor is one such option, and is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Oxygen XML Editor can be downloaded here and can be trialled for 30 days for free; an academic license is only $99 thereafter.

Other Tools for Working with XML and EpiDoc

Tools for publishing, searching and otherwise processing EpiDoc and TEI files include the XML transformation languages XSLT and XQuery, general searching platforms such as Solr, and TEI specific open source tools like Kiln and the Papyrological Navigator. Support and advice on these tools may be available at the repositories or documentation sites for each.

Tools Created by Members of the EpiDoc Community

  • (London) P5 Conversion
    A set of XSLT scripts for converting an EpiDoc project in TEI P4 to match the guidelines for EpiDoc in TEI P5. The scripts are customized to specific projects (DDbDP, InsAph, IRT, etc.) and probably need customization for more general use.
  • (EAGLE) EpiDoc P4-P5
    Based on IRT for EAGLE crosswalk, this xsl takes EpiDoc p4 and transforms it in p5 adding EAGLE vocabularies where possible and IPR statements according to EAGLE requirements.
  • Crosswalking EpiDoc to EDH with EDH validation schema
    Based on RIB to EDH crosswalk, this XSL takes a list of files in EpiDoc XML, matched with existing HD numbers and TM ids in an html table and converts structured information to a flat xml file with values with strict conventions (e.g. An.Ep.2009: 45 --> AE 2009, 0045.). To be reused this needs to be widely customized according to the input EpiDoc, as many of the transformation match string patterns and non structured data. The results should validate to the EDH schema.
  • EpiDoc upconversion
    This is a series of xsl transformation in continuous development that can convert string to xml markup. It was designed to meet the needs of EAGLE project members. These XSL also insert in your EpiDoc template structure links to the Eagle Vocabularies, if you use terms which are there (and you can always ask to add them: email Pietro).
  • HTML table to EpiDoc
    This is a template to take data from a table in html and create a series of template EpiDoc. It should be useful if you begin your work from this kind of data (any table which you can save in html). The order of the columns depend from your input. A lot of post process editing will be needed any way. Much more editing will be required if EDH conventions are not followed for the text.
  • Epidoc to Wikibase
    These scripts are designed to import translations and minimal data to the Eagle MediaWiki and might be useful if you want to contribute translations (please email Pietro for further info)
  • Online Epidoc Converter
  • Exist-db Test App this app which can be installed via the package manager in exist db includes a series of lightly documented features which could be reused by projects working with this framework. Features are described in the wiki and in the index page of the app.
  • Oxygen Frameworks
  • Crosswalks
  • Transcoder


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