#49 Pin down and write guidelines for top level divs

guidelines (65)

These need to be rationalized and documented in the

The types of div so far:

Edition (Text): contains transcription of inscription text.

Source/Text Constituted From: This goes under history

App Crit: Provides information on readings and
conjectures. Much of this can come out of the markup
(test this), so it can be generated. But it has to
handle "out of line" comments.

Perhaps stubs can be created for each line that has
conjectures in a CHET-C type conversion. This can then
be edited by hand, the way CHET-C output is. There also
needs to be a section that is plain text. Plain text
sections can also be interspersed in this, or added to
the line stubs.

Translation: Charlotte wants multiple translations in
multiple languages. What is the level of tagging that
will happen in a translation. Tagging for formatting
may be unavoidable. Tagging names and places will be
possible but not required. Should record name of
translator (resp).

Commentary-textual+historical: It's about the text and
the content and historical context. Prosopographical,
linguistic, .... It may take the form of a cross
reference to another document. Tag for inscription
type(s) belongs here. Date information and commentary
belongs here.

Physical Description (Commentary-physical/Description):
This can contain plain text, or text with tags for the
various physical description categories. It can also
consist of tabular material.
--(USEP History also, to be moved to div History)
--o Lettering and Field/Campus

History (Commentary-physical-historical/History): This
is the object history, includes find spot (also find
within city), last recorded location. or current
location. The last two items will always have to have a
--Location (provenance in various degrees, last
recorded or current location)
--Source: source includes resp for edition (more than
one source for more than one edition)
--History of recording
--Aquisition information
--Catalogue numbers (may be subset of something else)
Bibliography(Commentary-history of publication):

This may be a place holder holding encoded
biblographical entry or reference/pointer

--list/bibliography of editions
--list/bibliography of discussions of text
--list/bibliography belonging to commentary


Some categories include:

--old drawings (handwritten transcriptions)
--pictures of squeezes

Date: This is now within a text commentary div

Does it need its own div or can it be placed in another
div? Date can contain date tagged and/or with commentary
GB: text commentary or history, more like commentary
than descrip
CR: not history, more description
CC: commentary
Some objects have more than one date (palaeographical
date vs. historical), we could put date in commentary
and make it always part of commentary no matter where
we display it


  • BODARD Gabriel

    BODARD Gabriel - 2008-08-27
    • assigned_to: nobody --> gabrielbodard
  • Elli Mylonas

    Elli Mylonas - 2014-05-28

    Is this sufficient [http://www.stoa.org/epidoc/gl/latest/supp-structure.html]

  • Elli Mylonas

    Elli Mylonas - 2014-05-29
    • assigned_to: BODARD Gabriel --> Charlotte Tupman
    • Group: --> Next_Release_(example)
    • Priority: 5 --> 1(low)
  • Elli Mylonas

    Elli Mylonas - 2014-05-29

    add this information to supp-structure.xml.

    Last edit: Elli Mylonas 2014-05-29
  • Elli Mylonas

    Elli Mylonas - 2014-05-29
    • Priority: 1(low) --> 7
  • Elli Mylonas

    Elli Mylonas - 2014-05-29
    • status: open --> accepted
  • BODARD Gabriel

    BODARD Gabriel - 2015-05-19
    • Group: future --> 8.21
  • Charlotte Tupman

    • status: accepted --> done

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