#124 EDH style txt- transforms leave spaces around '/' when within word


The test for spaces around the '/' that represents a line-break in EDH has a few problems:

  1. the spaces are still there when the lb has break=no, which it shoudl not
  2. the '/' appears in edh-names, as well as edh-itx (there should be no '/' in names)


  • BODARD Gabriel

    BODARD Gabriel - 2014-06-04

    I've fixed most of these issues ([r2178]-[r2184]), but there is an outstanding problem (only visible within the EpiDoc-to-EDH process) that two names across a line-break lose the space between them in edh-names mode. Pietro will attempt to troubleshoot this in the EDH process, but if it's still a problem, pass it back to me too look at the EpiDoc XSLT again.



    Commit: [r2178]
    Commit: [r2184]

  • BODARD Gabriel

    BODARD Gabriel - 2014-06-04
    • assigned_to: BODARD Gabriel
  • BODARD Gabriel

    BODARD Gabriel - 2014-06-04
    • assigned_to: BODARD Gabriel --> Pietro Maria Liuzzo
  • Pietro Maria Liuzzo

    works removing normalize-space() from line 27 of tpl-text.xsl

  • Pietro Maria Liuzzo

    • status: unread --> needs-feedback
  • BODARD Gabriel

    BODARD Gabriel - 2014-06-25

    Remind me, Pietro, didn't we find that while removing normalize-space() from tpl-text.xsl, as you suggest, fixed your problem with spaces in edh-names, it broke the original purpose of tpl-text somewhere else? We may need to experiment some more...

  • Pietro Maria Liuzzo

    True, I do not remember what it was breaking nevertheless...

  • BODARD Gabriel

    BODARD Gabriel - 2015-01-13
    • Labels: xslt --> EAGLE crosswalk, xslt
    • Priority: 5(medium) --> 1(low)
  • BODARD Gabriel

    BODARD Gabriel - 2016-08-16
    • status: needs-feedback --> deferred

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