ExDatis (info@exdatis.net)

Quick introduction:

EPgSQL query builder is a lightweight query builder for
PostgreSQL database.
You can run non-selectable query, when you have choice
to commit or rollback updates(comments are allowed also but
if it's possible, use primarily comments in 'C' style.
(create, drop, insert, delete, update, truncate, truncate
cascaded but vacuum is not allowed).

Tree info


-Right click(domain name) for a pop-up menu


-Right click(table name) for a pop-up menu


-Right click(view name) for a pop-up menu


-Right click(dunction name) for a pop-up menu

SQL editor

-Have a pop-up menu
- Ctrl+space to autocomplete(unusual, table or tbl.field,
views, functions, domains)SQL keywords also.


This is a beta release and You can use it at your own risk
I hope it's usefull!


WIN users:

Maybe you need to put PostgreSQL bin path
to path-environment:
ControlPanel->System->Advanced system setings->
->Environment Variables->path(edit)

Linux users

Maybe you need to run in console: chmod +x EPgSQL
(executable) before, if it not works.

Last edit: Zivica Morar 2013-04-06