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Wrong programs for given channels

  • Christian Payeur

    I just installed EPG Collector, went straight to the fixpack 7, and created a configuration using to the provided 'France' pattern. The programs are indeed obtained from the tuner, howevet the channels are mixed up, i.e. the listed programs are for a different channel than the selected one.

    I tried with both the standalone collector and the TVSource plugin, with the same results. As I saw that the fixpack 7 was supposed to fix issues of mixed up channels, I figured there might be a regression and also reinstalled EPG Collector(without any fixpack) but once again got the same result.

    Incidentally, the SID of at least some of the channels seems to have changed yesterday and today. I wondered if the discrepancy was not due to a static list of SIDs in the application that did not match the actual channel SIDs, but could not find such a static list in the source code.

    What am I missing? Could it be related to the fact that with the fixpack 7, the MWC database must be rebuilt (not sure what that means though)? since getting the EPG straight from the tuner to an XMLTV file produces the same results, I think that WMC has nothing to do with this, but I might be wrong - does EPG Collector use WMC settings even when used as a standalone application?

    Any ideas?


  • Steve Bickell

    Steve Bickell - 2011-11-18

    The standalone collection and the plugin run the same actual collection code so they are likely to produce the same results with this problem.

    The channel mixup issue is only related to the MXF import, not the collection process or the production of the xmltv file. V3.1 does not access the MC database. The next version (3.2) does.

    There is no static list of NID's, TID's or SID's. All the channel information is obtained from the broadcast. The basic channel information comes from the DVB SDT and, in the case of MHW1, the protocol provides some additional information that links the SDT channels to the EPG data.

    To investigate your problem please zip up the following and upload somewhere then post the link and I'll take a look.

    1. The EPG Collector log
    2. The xmltv file produced.
    3. A transport stream dump. You can create this using EPG Centre under the Run menu. A 60 sec dump should be enough.

    It would also help if you could give me an example in your post of a channel and program that are incorrect so I know what to look for in the xmltv file. Obviously I'm not going to know which entries are incorrect.

    If you can let me have the above I should be able to sort it out pretty quickly. I haven't looked at the MHW1 protocol for quite a while so I may have introduced a problem at some point although nobody else has reported anything.


  • Christian Payeur

    Hello Steve,

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    You can find the requested data here. The EPG Collector log contains both the logs for the transport stream dump and the xmltv collection.

    Here are a few examples of wrong programs:

    The scan result for "FRANCE 5" contains programs actually broadcasted on "M6"
    The scan result for "FRANCE 3" contains programs actually broadcasted on "CANAL+"
    The scan result for "FRANCE 2" contains programs actually broadcasted on "FRANCE 3"
    The scan result for "TF1" contains programs actually broadcasted on "FRANCE 2"
    The scan result for "FRANCE 4" contains programs actually broadcasted on "VIVOLTA"
    The scan result for "ARTE" contains programs actually broadcasted on "CANAL+ CINEMA"

    Thanks a lot!

  • Steve Bickell

    Steve Bickell - 2011-11-19

    Try this one. It will install directly over the version you already have.

    MHW1 has always been wrong so maybe nobody has tried it before. I've checked one or two of the programs for TF1 against the online guide they provide and they seemed ok.

  • Christian Payeur

    Ok, so this works, thanks for that!

    This being said, the times are all off by 1 hour. I tried to fix this through the "Manual Time Adjustments" feature, but that does not seem to work; no matter the combination of dates and times I put in there the results returned are always the same (I think I recall seeing this work in version 3.1 though - I'll check this now)

    As a side note, there is a bug at least in the GUI for this feature. The GUI requests a date in 'ddmmyy' format, but won't accept a date in this format (i.e. 230312). 'mmddyy' seems to work though (i.e. 032312).

  • Christian Payeur

    Just a quick note: I just rolled back to a disk image with 3.1 fixpack 7, and I confirm that the Manual Time Adjustments don't make any difference on that version either.

  • Steve Bickell

    Steve Bickell - 2011-11-20

    Try this one. I had to change file sharers - 4shared kept failing which is unusual. Collector V030200 Install.msi

    It was adding on the offset from GMT/UTC (which for France is currently 1 hour) to the broadcast time. It looks like that is only needed for MHW2.

    You should disable the Time Offset on the Advanced tab unless you are collecting data to be used in a different timezone, for example collecting French data to be used in the UK.


  • Christian Payeur

    It's all good now!

    Thanks for the great support!


  • Steve Bickell

    Steve Bickell - 2011-11-20

    Somebody on the DVBLogic forum who had the same problems as you has commented that some channels seem to be missing eg Disney Junior.

    What's your opinion?


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