New EPESI version 1.5.0 released

A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.5.0 (rev 10714)

The most important changes divided into categories:

- new RoundCube email client
- new CKEditor version - modern look & feel
- click2fill appearance and help improvements
- multiple attachments per note
- shoutbox improvements - click to address person, changed user labels, tab+enter to send
- company or contact suggestbox - show icon based on type, always display several records from both recordsets
- watchdog - subscribe to categories (by default only for managers)
- sort mails archived in EPESI by thread

- User ban system improvements and restore controls in administrator panel
- add option to disable EPESI store to faster module administration launch
- changed install process - allow translating from first screen
- allow run /admin tools before Base installation
- add option to set security in smtp server settings
- improved RecordBrowser fields administration
- changed HomePage mechanism - allow to set default home page for specific group of users
- link from Administrator panel to /admin tools
- add EPESI shell in /admin tools - disabled by default
- add patch utility in /admin tools

- RecordBrowser - allow disable "jump to record"
- RecordBrowser - add autonumbering field type
- new types for RBO - company, contact, employee, company or contact, email, time, phone
- allow to translate strings from smarty templates

- RoundCube 0.8.2 with several EPESI integration fixes
- CKEditor 4.0.2
- optimize startup time
- allow to translate /admin tools
- interactive help system
- fixed automulti suggestboxes to display all selected fields
- attachments bug fixes
- display errors by default (config.php)
- RecordBrowser - fix permission check issues
- fix search engine for contacts and companies
- partial rewrite to jQuery (we are going to remove Prototype)
- several PostgreSQL fixes (thanks to forum user - pedro42)
- fixed EpesiStore on PHP 5.2.6 (
- add option to store session in files instead of database
- appearance bug fixes
- translations improved - more string have been marked to translate
- clean up some parts of code

- PHP 5.2.0 is not supported due to bug in json_decode function. (PHP >= 5.2.1 and PHP < 5.2.0 works)

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2013-04-23

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