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I created this game for fun. It all started when my brother challenged me to make a poker game, but when that failed I began to create a slot machine game. The end product is the product that you can now download for free at any time! Thanks for all your support!


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Version Out Now!

V1.1.0.3 Download Zip

Recent Updates

In V1.1.0.3 we have changed a few things.

1. Hold Buttons

We added hold buttons to increase your chance of winning.

2. Save/Load Game

You can now save or load a game. This saves your level, max bet, credits, overall winnings etc.(Note: May contain a few bugs. Unsure report any bugs if you find any. Thanks)

3. Start a new Game

Can start a new game without closing the form.

In V1.0.0.2 we have changed a few things.

1. Winnings Paid Box

We have updated this so that your winnings stay on the screen until you click the spin reels button.

2. Odds

We have updated the games so that the odds of getting certain items has changed. Visit our Odds page to view the odds.(Note: Odds page coming soon.)

You can download the game here:
V1.1.0.3 Download Zip

V1.0.0.2 Download Zip

V1.0.0.0 Download Zip

If you need help On installing visit:

Instructions for Installation

Here are the screenshots of EPAC Slot Machine!

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