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EOS Benchmark is a benchmarking tool for PHP. It tracks memory usage and script execution time and assists the developer in finding the slower parts of his source code. The features include:

  • Unlimited records ("snapshots" of memory and execution time) - This enbales you to make detailed break-downs of your source code.
  • Benchmark in your working environment - The results can be shown directly as an HTML table on the page you are working on.
  • Benchmark your live website - Add results to either XML files or a MySQL database, with an included to feature to show the content of an XML file as an HTML table.
  • Self-Aware Benchmark - EOS Benchmark tracks its own memory footprint and will hide it from the results upon request.
  • And a handful of easy-to-use configurations.

EOSBenchmark is distributed as a single class in a single file for easy integration.


EOSBenchmark will not work with PHP versions lower than 5 because classes were not integrated with these.

EOSBenchmark also requires PREG regular expression functions.

If you want to work with XML files your server will need to have the file_get_contents() and file_put_contents() functions enabled. Basic un-altered PHP installations have these, but some hosted webhotels do not.


Simply add the EOSBenchmark.php file to your working environment, include it and you're ready to go.

Basic Use

EOSBenchmark lets you add "records" at various places in your source code. You can benchmark your entire source code or portions of it. Every record takes a "snapshot" of the current memory usage and current microtime value. You can add as many records as you want and assign a comment to each. For example if you want to track the execution time and memory usage of a loop, you might add a record before the loop and another after, with the comments "Before running heavy loop" and "after the loop".

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