• Derm

    Derm - 2008-02-04

    "Dispel this cloud, the light of heaven restore;
      Give me to see, and Ajax asks no more." - Homer, the Iliad

    Aah, Homer, old-school hacker. Right. First off I'm gonna be investigating some server-agnostic ajax-enabled frameworks. Right now Dojo (http://dojotoolkit.org) looks good, it's an integrated framework that offers i18n and accessibility support as well as lotsa widgets. Prototype(prototype.conio.net) is another that Rico (http://openrico.org) and script.aculo.us (http://script.aculo.us) build upon.

    I'll play around with dojo first as it all comes in one package and apparently is relatively well documented. I've steered clear of the Google, .net and Yahoo frameworks in favour of open ones

    • Conor Fox

      Conor Fox - 2008-02-04

      Good man.  Now that you mention it, that time I was looking for a framework in a hurry I very nearly went with Dojo.  It struck me as the best-documented kit.  I ended up going with Tibco GI at the time because it had an Ajax IDE and kind of a built-in "XML datawindow" concept that kind of reminded me of old client-server frameworks from the 90s.  But in hindsight I kinda wish I'd gone with a more open framework.  Its encouraging you have the same gut feel about Dojo.


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