Source Control

  • johnoc

    johnoc - 2008-01-13

    Hi Derm

    As a matter of interest what source control system are you using to version your code?
    How do you intend on receiving, merging, tagging, baselining and releasing the code?

    It would be important to get a proper versioning structure in place right at the beginning to avoid major headaches later on.

    I've used a whole load of systems in the past but for sheer simplicity and power I would recommend subversion. URL access to the code base and tagging/baselining is just an svn copy.

    It would be important that developers could branch off the main code base. Develop some code and check it into their branch. And that this could happen off the actaul online codebase rather then copies here there and everywhere. Once the feature is complete then you could merge the developers private branch into the main code base (trunk).

    There are problems with this setup (pulling in needed changes from other branches) but nothing insurmountable.

    What do you think?

    • Derm

      Derm - 2008-01-14

      Sourceforge provides CVS though I haven't read up about it yet, let alone tried it out with the code. If you have experience with it I'll count that as volunteering :)

    • johnoc

      johnoc - 2008-01-14

      CVS is OK and would do in a pinch. But I would recommend looking into svn.
      More powerful and better setup for online source control in my opinion.

      You'll have to get yer head around trunk, branches and all that stuff though. Better to do this now before it mushrooms on ye!


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