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Internet Explorer 9, not working

Currently, the WYSIWYG editor module of OE will not work (properly) on IE9, which is related to Iframe handling in IE. I would recommend to use a different browser (Firefox, Chrome), which offers a much better user experience anyway.

Posted by Felix Rudolphi 2012-04-20

A bit off topic

Access to our research results at fair conditions is crucial for the scientific community. Therefore, we should fight those who want to drag excessive amounts of money out of OUR RESULTS.

Support !

Posted by Felix Rudolphi 2012-03-16

The first article on OE in English
If you use and like open enventory, why don't you cite us in your papers? Of course it is not obligatory, but it would be a nice support for this project.

Posted by Felix Rudolphi 2012-03-16

Article in "Chemie in unserer Zeit"

Another article in German on the features of open enventory (access requires a licence for Wiley-VCH journals):

Posted by Felix Rudolphi 2011-02-03

Some links related to this project

My PhD thesis on this (in German):
An article on open enventory (in German):
Coming soon:
- an article in the journal "Chemie in unserer Zeit" (in German)
- recent posters and slideshows

Posted by Felix Rudolphi 2011-01-29