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EnvMan Release 1.4 RC1

* Added handling of extensible variables
* Implemented Automated Updates Manager notifications
* Added connection through Proxy server for Automated Updates Manager
* Added Settings screen to control Proxy settings and number of instances
* Added version display for Beta versions
* Fixed Variable Type Validation
* EnvMan allows only one running instance
* Minor Bug Fixes

Posted by Vlad 2009-04-04

EnvMan-1.3 Released

Release 1.3
* BT1828033 Escape to Close
- Added Ctrl+X Shortcut on Main Form Exit File Menu
* BT843838 Program does not check for changes on Cancel in Edit Form
- Added checking for user changes and prompt to save it on Cancel.
* Added Release version display in Main Form Title bar
* Added colour change for rows with invalid value paths in Main Form
* Minor GUI Improvements

Posted by Vlad 2007-12-17

EnvMan-1.2.2 Released

* Fixed problem with Delete button on Edit Form
* Removed Setup project. It will be replaced by WiX setup.

Posted by Vlad 2007-10-15

EnvMan-1.2.1 Released

Bug Fixes
* BT1767453 On value edit Undo Redo not recording
Fixed problems when user does not enter text into value cell
* BT1792173 Incorrectly detected Value type
Checking that path string is starts with "<drive>:\&quot;
* BT1806716 Grid Cell accepts semi colon
Added validation DataGridView in Edit form

Posted by Vlad 2007-10-14

EnvMan-1.2 Released

The following changes were implemented
* Implementation of Import/Export variable values functionality (BT1709867)
* Implementation of Locate/Open in Windows Explorer Edit Form Grid context menu (BT1729869 - Implemented by PRANKENST!EN)
* Upgraded licence to GPL Version 3

Posted by Vlad 2007-09-10

EnvMan-1.1.2 Released

Release 1.1.2
* Added Help new menu entries.
* Added credits box in About box
* modified CleanAll.bat to work with new projects
* Added build of Setup project
* Fixed reloading of Main Form on Row double click
* Added remembering current row and setting it visible after reloading
* Now SetBtnState happens on Dgv current selection change
* Fixed row deletion when user hits delete key on keyboard

Posted by Vlad 2007-06-10

EnvMan- Released

30/05/2007 Release
* Implementation of Undo/Redo functionality (Bug Tracker ID: 1705000)
* Added Tool Tip info for icons in Edit Form

Posted by Vlad 2007-05-30

EnvMan- Released

While still working on release EnvMan-, which will include implementation of unlimited Undo/Redo, I decided to provide a small EnvMan- release that will include fixes from testing and suggestions.

Posted by Vlad 2007-05-25

EnvMan- Released

Minor Fixes
* Fix alignment of the delete button.
* Simplify parsing of the variable value string by using string.split function
* Add settings to save splitter position of the component

Posted by Vlad 2007-04-30

EnvMan Released

* Added Variable Type recognition in the edit form
* Added forms location, size and state saving and loading using application settings (Bug Tracker ID: 1705001)

Posted by Vlad 2007-04-26

EnvMan Released

Windows Environment Variables Manager reached its
first major Release milestone.

Posted by Vlad 2007-04-18

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