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Entagged V0.35 released

We are four French students and we have worked in order to improve Entagged.
We have made a new release.
We have mainly worked on the GUI of Entagged to make the indexed files easier to manage.

Here are the main things we have made:
- Folder explorer added in order to see which folders are indexed and to index or un-index them
- Button added to display indexed files in explorer
Indexed files can now be seen in green. Files that are not indexed are in red.
- One button allows you to (re)index the directory from the explorer
So now you can (re)index one directory by one (from the explorer)
- Two bars show indexation ratio in order to know if the folder has to be reindexed
- User's guide in French updated
- User's guide now available in English... read more

Posted by NSV 2008-03-26

Entagged v0.30 Released

This new version of Entagged includes a database which indexes your files in order to search very quickly what you want.

You can also make playlists, save them, read them...

Others features have been added like duplicate files searching. The software compares your files in the database and proposes you to delete one of them.

A new skill in detecting wrong input has been implemented. For example, if you have Madonna and Madona, Entagged ask you which artist is correct.... read more

Posted by NSV 2007-03-28

Entagged is maintained

Hello !

Entagged is now maintained

Feedback the new version !

Posted by NSV 2007-03-28

Entagged is unmaintained

Hi !

It has been a long time since the last release. It's because our development team has been busy with other activities.

As the original author of entagged I have no longer time to take care of it and instead of letting it die, I prefer to hand it in good hands. I have been contacted by a handful of people over time that expressed interest in continuing the project, and i added them as developers for this projects with full access. I hope they will do a good job.... read more

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2007-03-04

Entagged v0.21 Released

Well entagged has some changes for you.

And MP3 ID3 version 2.4 support is now added. All your files will be converted to this version if
you are Tagging.

It is now possible to preserver file modification times on tagging.
Track numbers are again extended to two digits on file renaming.
Tageditor table can automatically refresh the view if the file changed outside entagged.
Capitalize first letter only added. (Transformation)
Comment fields have now the language of the current system, so your windows-xp property page should show the comment.

Posted by Laireiter 2006-02-05

Entagged v0.20 Released

A new maintenance release. This one fixes the encoding selection bug which prevented to use anything other than UTF16. Also some small bugfixes in the interface and an improved freedb searching.

Also released a new audioformats version with the new precise length computation, and a new freedb release which computes id based on precise length.

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-09-14

Entagged v0.19 released

Releasing before holidays, thi scontains a great renaming interface improvement, with preview of the structure. Possibility to revert default encoding to ISO instead of UTF16 (still default). Re-licensing of audioformats to LGPL, and vaious little bugfixes.

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-07-02


After some discussion with the Mono guys (Aaron Bockover) the entagged-sharp project has been relicensed under MIT X11 license, hosted on the Mono SVN repository and actively improved, it has AAC support on it's way. See http://entagged.sourceforge.net/developer.php for more information.

A big thanks to them !

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-06-29

Website refresh

I have made a new layout for the website, and updated outdated content.. Let me know if things are missing..

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-06-26

Audioformats now LPGL

We just released a new version of audioformats library that is under the LGPL license instead of GPL.


Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-05-19

Entagged v0.18 Released

Here is a new version !
The main changes are the audioforamts API updates, allowing to do cool things, such as lists for different fields, view images in tags, the asf part has been improved a lot, the structure has changed, and bugs were fixed !

The tageditor has seen many improvements: Statistics for music files in folders, a new transformation to strip non US-ASCII characters, and defaulting to UTF-16 in all tags operations on MP3, that means i should be usable by non latin users !

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-02-25

Full text Freedb Server down

Freedb decided to shut down their web-based search interface. They have no re-opening date, and it might well be definitive.

This had to happen, because every poorly written app used their interface that was clearly not designed for it !

I removed the manual search from entagged (it the next version). In the meantime don't post bugs about that, it simply won't work !

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-02-18

Startup problem should be fixed in 0.17.1

Please try and tell me if it finally works !

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-01-11

Still won't start :(

We all feel ashamed, the same problem that prevented from running 0.16 somehow managed to get in 0.17 too, we'll fix that asap (and really fix it :) )

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-01-10

Entagged v0.17 Released !

This one fixes the startup error and adds little improvements with keyboars navigation/editing, just experiment a little :)

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-01-10

v0.16 Won't start for first-time users

We unfortunately let a little bug slip into the code that prevents first-time users and oter border-cases from starting entagged !

A release will be done later today to fix that !

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-01-09

Entagged v0.16 Released !

This version fixes an important id3v2 bug, when overwriting an existing tag, the size of the new tag wasn't correctly computed, leading to null bytes vefore beginning of audio. This can lead some players to dsiplay bad information about the song length and the bitrate( winamp), but most players are ok with that (xmms..). To fix broken mp3, simply delete and retag.

Apart from that, there are lot of UI improvements, like keyboard navigation, help popups to create masks, etc, just check it out !... read more

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-01-08

Entagged v0.15.1 Released !

Hi all,
Happy new year !
This new version fixes the ogg file corruption appeared in the 0.15 release, and also has other fixes in wma file tagging and flac tagging.

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2005-01-01

Entagged v0.15 has a Ogg file corruption bug !

The latest version of entagged has a nasty Ogg file bug that prevents ogg files from being played back after tagging with entagged. This bug will be fixed as soon as possible, but the developpement team wasn't able to reproduce it, so we are investigating this furter.

Other file formats should be fine, and sorry for that inconvenient !

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2004-12-27

Entagged v0.15 Released

Hi everybody !

Merry Christmas, happy new year, etc to everybody !

For this occasion we are happy to release the new version of entagged and the audio tagging libraries.

See the changelog for more infos on this release..


Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2004-12-25

Entagged v0.14 Released !

Here is the 0.14 version, see the changelog for detailed changes. The audioforamts api now has a WMA read/write capability, some fixes for mp3 read, tag deletion. Freedb supports connection through a proxy. Tageditor a bit improved, small fixes.

A new developper Christian Leiree (Mr. WMA), welcome !

Also in the tageditor package a xml listing generator command line interface..

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2004-12-05

WMA support

Christian Lareiter posted an implemetation of wma tags read/write, it is still experimental (read not very much tested) but should work !

It is coming in the next release of entagged, in a week or two.

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2004-12-02

Entagged v0.13 Released

Well, this time it was a bug in the temporary file handling, that prevented tag write/delete under windows !

Hope it works now, for me it does..

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2004-11-07

Entagged v0.12 Released !

The new version fixes a bug ontroduced in v0.11 with ogg writing. It also adds suport for tag deletion in selected files under the tag editor tab.

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2004-11-05

Entagged v0.11 Released !

Here is the new version of entagged and associated libs.
It adds support for mpc musepack and ape monkey audio files read/write.

Some minor bugs are also fixed and some little UI changes are there to make your life easier.

Check it out !

Posted by Raphael Slinckx 2004-10-31

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