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>Peter Wehrfritz <peter.wehrfritz@web.de> wrote:
> We already have something like that:
> l10n.enlightenment.org

No they are similar only in providing statistics, but Transifex does more. It has online translation tool[*] and auto-commits and auto-updates the translations in specific time cycles of when the maintainers want. Also when a user is working on a specific file the system can "lock" it meaning that a user works on it and no one else can modify it till the guy that does the changes finish his work

You are right. damned lies much more like cvs and don't provide any tools for translation. Another great l10n service to know is Pootle (http://pootle.locamotion.org/) - powerful open-source software for translations. as you could see from the site - there are number of serious projects that use it. and yes. It have yet Translation Memory and interchange with opentran.eu, Google and self base of translations.

Plus the "damned lies" installation doesnt work well...
also I discover that I'm unable to recover my lost password...there are some fault in Django preferences as claimed at page.

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