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I'm new subscriber to this list and I'm using E17 for a while now.

I'm just finishing the whole translation of E17 and its modules into Esperanto. Some people I asked are inspecting the main file.

Except the help in this message < http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=9745586&forum_id=44889>, what are the main point you can tell to me for translate and maintain the file ? How can I send the file the first time ? And after for the maintain process, how can I send ?

As Massimo mentioned, I am in the habit of commiting po files that turn up here from translators who don't have / don't wish to get cvs commit access.

The main points are:
- copy enlightenment.pot to <your>.po then translate all the entries. I guess you have done this already.
- as the mail you found says, you can then merge any subsequent changes to enlightenment.pot in with <your>.po use "msgmerge -U <your>.po enlightenment.pot"
- Sometimes you'll find this creates "fuzzy" entries in <your>.po file. Usually the string needs retranslating - you can delete the "fuzzy" line after you have fixed the translation.

For the first as well as subsequent updates, I personally don't mind receving the whole .po file, but usually in a gzipped format (or something similar) is good:
- gmail seems to be a bit flakey handling po files, but it handles archive files better,
- save a little bandwidth, although I imagine most people on this list are happy getting lots of big emails. Even "diff" files for .po turn out to be huge, so it's easier for me to just to overwrite the file, rather than apply a patch.

I usually get the files committed within a couple of days of receipt.

I noticed some untranslated word like "Desktop 0,0" or

That got fixed recently - it seems to be working here.

I noticed also that the language module doesn't offer esperanto (EO, EPO) in the language list while the flag exists in the source directory.

Regarding the language module, please contact Aleksej 'sndev' Struk!
I have never used that module myself, as I'm able to do my English and Japanese input with the same keyboard layout.
I'm not sure if Aleksej is reading the e-intl list...

I'll send the file very soon and I think I'll maintain it as long as E17 will please to me.

Should be a long time then :-)