On 09/04/06, Yasufumi Haga <yasufumi.haga@nifty.com> wrote:
On Sun, 9 Apr 2006 21:45:41 +0900,
   "David Stevenson" <david.35472@gmail.com> wrote:

| On 09/04/06, Yasufumi Haga < yasufumi.haga@nifty.com> wrote:
|     Hi all
|     This is a ja.po file for tclock module (e_modules/tclock)
|     as of April 9.
| Thank you!
| Both this and the flame .po are committed (^_^)

Arigato, David-san!
Actually I sent three mails in all today, and the last one is
an update of ja.po for e17.
but I haven't recieved it yet from E-intl ML.
I wonder what happened to the mail. Getting lost in the net? :)

Indeed, looks like it went off in the wrong direction for a while.
Got it now!