Yes Didier, my problem was that I was running a 2-week old cvs system.
After updating it, the theme started to work correctly.
I also noticed that huge clock when loading the theme. No other odd behaviour to add :)


On 10/2/05, Didier Casse <> wrote:
On 9/30/05, Fernando Meira <> wrote:
> hi,
>  is there anyone using this theme?
>  I have just download it, but I can't make any use of the title bar.
>  Clicks on the title bar or on the three buttons are not doing anything at
> all.
>  Any idea?

No I can't reproduce this and I'm using the current cvs version of
E17. The updated theme on is supposed to work
correctly. Only glitch is that I have to resize the clock. I get a
huge clock switching from default theme to the blue_eyed theme.

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